Agile Mentorship Program (AMP)
Learn how to master your agile capabilities
Agile Mentorship Courses
Level 1

To become a Scrum Master, Senior Scrum Master or Team level Agile Coach

Level 2

To become an Enterprise Agile Coach 

Project Management Stream

For Agile Project, Program, Portfolio & Product Managers (4Ps)
Level 3

 For Agile Leadership Roles like Agile CoE Head, Agile Transformation Office (ATO) Head & Agile Practice Head etc

150 Interview Q&As for Agile Jobs

This lesson plan completion will enable aspirants to clear job interviews in agile for multiple roles like Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner, Product Manager, Project Manager & also empower you to deliver value in your new job.

Job Description Based Coaching

If you don’t have time to prepare for an upcoming interview then my JD based coaching will come to you as a sigh of relief. Well, that’s what multiple mentees of mine in the past had articulated about this particular service offering. I also provide real-time templates as part of this service offering.

Role-based Coaching

Separate lesson plans will be created for role-based or user persona-based coaching for (say) Product Owner (PO), Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager, etc.

On the Job Coaching

Is actually coaching to help you to solve your real-time challenges in your project. You may still not expose your company or client details and get coached by me to solve your real-time challenges on the playfield.

Agile for Product Owners & Product Managers (POPM)

This lesson plan completion will enable Product Owners & Product Managers to perform their role both from a “strategic” perspective & also from a “tactical” standpoint.

Agile for Architects

In an agile engagement, the architecture is intentional. However, the design pattern is emergent. I will mentor you on the different aspects related to Agile Architecture and this is suitable for technical leads or emerging architects.

Agile for CXOs - Executives, Board of Directors & Leaders

This lesson plan will be suitable for those who are part of the board of directors, or CXO
(C-suite) level of roles in organization in-terms of understanding how the agile outcomes indeed lead you to generate a better business outcome.

Organization Change Management (OCM)

This lesson plan will be suitable for "Change Agent" roles in-terms of how to prepare the soil before we sow the seed of agile transformation or agile implementation


Feeback from people who have taken the course.

ManojAgile Coach, Cognizant

"With the help of Agile Mentorship Program provided by you, I have cleared the "Agile Coach" interview in all 3 technical evalutations! Recieved an offer from a leading MNC with 50% pay hike and dream career as an Agile Coach at Team + Program level...
Thank you so much for guiding and clarifying all my questions during the dedicated One on One mentoring session for 4 to 5 times which has certainly fine-tuned me to upskill. Looking forward to take up the Level 2 lesson on plan to excel in Porgram level Agile coach and scale up to Enterprise level. "

LopaScrum Master, ConnectWise

"I joined a new organization on September 1st. I have followed all your recordingss. Those are the best source of information I have ever got. I am referring your templates in my work. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you are sharing to all of us"

SenthilScrum Master, LTI (L&T Infotech)

"I have to thank Balaji for the mentoriship program Level 1 and the detailed material provided. It helped me secure a job!"